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4/16/2023 12:00:00 AM
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Dual employment complaint letter without N.O.C
Respected sir, I am complaining to you about the double job of a teacher. There is a JVT teacher in tehsil Dhadar District Kachhi doing dual employment without N.O.C in one private organization. Government employment details are mentioned: Name: Famida Bibi Husband's Name: Muhammad Hanif C.N.I.C: 53305-2082759-2 Contact no: 0332 2467377 Post: J.V.T School: Government Girl Primary School Brahim Baran Zareena Tehsil Dhader District Kachhi. Dual employment details are mentioned: Organization Name: MERF Office: Civil Hospital Dhadar Benazir Nashunma Program Designation: Social Mobilizer. Date of Joining: October 2022. Please verify or take notice so that no one can violate government regulations and rules and violate one's rights or government policy. District is Kachhi already backward and many persons are working Double jobs without any N.O.C and they have some support from stakeholders so no one can take notice of them. Government will not take any serious action on this and RTSM team is also not confirming Please note that this is our request from Government of Balochistan and Department of Education Balochistan. Hope you will take some serious action as soon as possible. Awaiting your prompt reply. Regards and thanks.
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