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10/31/2023 12:00:00 AM
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Suspecting Mala fide intensions in Procurement of Package 21.
Dear Sir/Mam, With regret i have to complain against the Procurement section. I have applied in Package 21 of Civil works and i that i have come to know through other sources that they have sent email of intension of Notification to Award the work to contractors but i do not have any knowledge about my bid. i have sent an email to and the content of my email is copied in below lines. Dear Sir, I am the authorized representative of Haji Ghulam Sarwar and Sons. We have applied in ( Package 21) Construction of Boys High School Shahdezai , RFB Ref No: PK-SED-GOB-379779-CW-RFB. We have been waiting for any updates since the bid opening. If any progress regarding intention Notification to Award ,has been made kindly let us know. Please Note that is our current email address, from which I have sent email now, and the same was written on the attendance sheet, on the day of bid opening. The is dormant kindly ignore it. Thanks and Regards Engr M Naseem Haji Ghullam Sarwar and Sons. it is requested to provide us the Intention of Notification to Award. Because we have come to know through other sources that our firm has been rejected. we do not see any reason for our firms rejection. Our firm qualifies and fulfils all the qualification criteria whether that is Cashflow AACT or Same types of contracts, mentioned in the bidding documents. it requested to Stop Notification of Award and Provide the detail on this email
Action Taken
The complaint was forwarded to the procurment section. Procurment section immediately responded the complainant with the detail criteria and process of the selection. The complainant was also invited to visit the office for any detail. The complainant visited the office and got satisfied with brief explanation to him. The complaint was resolved

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