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6/4/2017 12:00:00 AM
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Grant of primary school in UC Massu District Kachhi
Respected Sir! Most respectfully it is stated that our village which is also a union council of District Kachhi does not have any girls primary school in the redious of almost 20 KM. The residents of the village Massu submitted an application with all requirements/documents for grant of school almost 2 years ago but no team visited the sight. When we consulted the official of the project, they replied no application is submitted by applicants. Once again when vacant government buildings were used for school purpose, we orally requested the focal person and GPE official for grant of school because a vacant building of primary school for boys was shifted to middle school building. They refused to visit saying that it is not filling the criteria of the project. Sir, this village has more then 50 gils which are deprived of their basic right of education. More, there are educated girls local of the same village and among them 2 are ADE qualified and 1 has BA and B.ed. furthermore, the boys primary school which is now upgraded to middle school was established in 1960 but no girls school for such a papulus village. It is therefore, a humble request to the helm of affairs to grant a primary school for girls, so that girls education of the village be promoted and give an opportunity to out of school girls to get education. Sincerely Residents of Massu village and UC district Kachhi Balochistan
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